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Hello faithful readers,

We've just returned from the last day of Vericon held at Harvard University. It's a gaming con with a focus on webcomics and ficition. While the role-playing was a little short (only 3 or 4 games available and we ran one of them), it was an enjoyable experience.

Webcomicing: The phenomenal author/artists of Dominic Deegan, Something Positive, Ctrl+Alt+Del, and Questionable Content were all con-guests. I had a lot of fun listening to them shoot the shit about their webcomics and giving tips about success and how they "do" webcomics. I've been reading the first three comics off and on for a couple of years, and really, really enjoy them. Questionable Content is a new one to me and I feel like it is really a solid comic. Probably not my bag since I don't follow the indie-music scene and I feel like I'm missing some references, but interesting non-the-less.

Fiction: George R. R. Martin was a guest of honor at Vericon and he read a chapter from the book his is currently writing "Dance with Dragons" (all the bits he couldn't fit in "Feast for Crows"). If you are a fan, you'll want to pick this up with it comes out. The reading was great. He claims the series should be about 7 books long whenever he finally finishes it. :-) It made me want to pick the series back up again.

Gaming: Like I said above, rpging was on the slim side (although it looked like LARPs and boffer stuff was going strong). I did get to play in an interesting Cold Space game run by its author Clash. Excellent system, fun game, damn good GM. I can't believe we got out alive. O_0

We also played a few board games, watched a little anime, and saw some really lovely art in the Art Show.

All in all, we had a good time. Hope you all also had interesting weekends. :)

Shade & Sweet Water,
The Masked Lioness


New Site Design

Ladies & Gentlemen, I give you our new site design.

It is not perfect (and the archives seem a little buggy), but it's a huge step forward for us. Please email or post a comment here if you find a broken link, etc.

See you on Saturday with our weekly update!

Test Update.


Comic for Jan. 14th

Oops...I almost forgot to update here today. The comic is up despite the trouble I had sitting down to draw the thing. Things are busy here and sometimes it is hard to concentrate. I don't have much to say about the comic besides I really need to put more time into the backgrounds. I really like having scenery, but it takes a while to track down a picture, trace/draw from it, and then center with the proper proportions. Maybe I'll get my stuff together once the webpage and copyediting for my husbands RPG supplement is done.

In other news, I'm getting a Dell! Laptop. Well, I really wanted an Alienware, but Dell had the best bang for the buck and I'm not suppose to be using it for gaming anyways. Pity, I love the little alien symbol. It's a 15.4 inch wide-screen, so I probably will be doing a lot of my art on it in the future. Hopefully it will arrive this week.

Shade & Sweet Water,
The Masked Lioness


Comic for Jan. 7

Good Morning all,

Happy New Year! I hope you all enjoyed this weeks installment of Duchess Mew. Since I've gotten comments from one particularly ranvenous (?) fan, I just want to reiterate that we updates weekly on Saturdays. Also, I am working on the site redesign. I expect that to be up by the end of January.

Shade & Sweet Water!

The Masked Lioness


Comic-y Goodness

Hope you all saw our comic on Saturday. I'm particularly amused by Azom's face in the first panel in which Ameila walks in.

In this brand-spanking new year, I refuse to make resolutions, but I am going to make an effort to improve my diet and lifestyle. I've got to eat all this godiva ande lintz chocolate I got for Christmas first. Don't want to disappoint anyone. ;-)

Christmas was great. I got lots of video games (which I hope will not interfer with the comic) and gaming books (which I will read once I've finished plowing through The Lord of the Rings. again). Generally, lots of good swag. Plus I got to see the inlaws, who just moved very close to us and who always feed us very well.

New Years saw a lovely dinner with some friends (they feed us very well too :-)). My suggestion to you all: Do Not go to First Night Boston. Sure, it might be more fun if you show up earlier, or have kiddies, but all we did was get exposed to a terrible improv group and watched an anime episode. There was one good comidian, but the lack of anything to do besides stand outside in the cold from 10-12 really puts a damper on it.

My hubby's kicking me off his laptop now, so I wish you all a Happy New Year and success in all your endevors.

Shade & Sweet Water,

The Masked Lioness