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Comic for Jan. 14th

Oops...I almost forgot to update here today. The comic is up despite the trouble I had sitting down to draw the thing. Things are busy here and sometimes it is hard to concentrate. I don't have much to say about the comic besides I really need to put more time into the backgrounds. I really like having scenery, but it takes a while to track down a picture, trace/draw from it, and then center with the proper proportions. Maybe I'll get my stuff together once the webpage and copyediting for my husbands RPG supplement is done.

In other news, I'm getting a Dell! Laptop. Well, I really wanted an Alienware, but Dell had the best bang for the buck and I'm not suppose to be using it for gaming anyways. Pity, I love the little alien symbol. It's a 15.4 inch wide-screen, so I probably will be doing a lot of my art on it in the future. Hopefully it will arrive this week.

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