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E3 is distracting me from the real world

I may not draw a gaming comic, but my husband and I are still gamers and we've been following the news coming out of E3. In fact, I think E3 coverage is at fault for me walking out into the rain today in sandals and without an umbrella. I'm a little distracted.

I'm not terribly knowledgeable, but here are my impressions so far. I get my news from IGN and from G4.

- Sony is doing themselves a disservice pricing the PS3 at $600 for the full package. Sure there is a $500 option, but I doubt the majority of gamers who are willing for fork over the cash will want a nerfed box. I suppose parents will buy the cheaper one for their kids, but that combined with the lackluster controller (which at least is not a boomerang) and the headstart the 360 has is going to make it really tough for Sony to win this round. I'm disappointed since I like my PS2 a lot. I'm just not made of money. (I feel really bad for the people in Europe who are going to pay that amount in Euros. Yikes!)
- X-Box 360 games...Yeah, not my thing. Pretty though. Their focus is really on shooters and driving games. Of course with the cost and game line up of the PS3, I may have to reconsider which will be my secondary console (if any). It'll come down to "spare" income (or a windfall) and what the games are available between the 360 and the PS3. The first to drop their price will get some points too.
- The Wii is looking good and I am looking forward to that. I'm a Nintendo fan to begin with so I'd probably buy it no matter what. Am excited about the new controller. I'm not convinced that it is as intuitive as we're being told though and I won't be convinced until I've had a chance to use one. I wish they'd announce a firm ship date and price. They can't do any worse than Sony.
- Silly name, "Wii".
- I'm such a sucker for Zelda games. I'm thrilled about Twilight Princess becoming a Wii title. I'm going to start eating my controllers if they don't get it out this year.
- Sucker for Mario Brother's games too. DS games are sounding good. We might become a two DS household as soon as the Lites come out in the States.
- Hm...going to watch the new Metal Gear Solid trailer when I get home just because it's going to be damn pretty.

Right, more thoughts as they occur to me. Rejoice. I've already drawn the comic for this Saturday. :)


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