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Net Neutrality

I've been trying to get educated about Net Neutrality and I would really suggest you do too. Basically, some big name internet providers want to make website creators pay to get their content to you the user. If one webpage pays more, than it will be faster to get to that webpage than one that isn't paying off the provider. Some sites will be completely inaccessible if the creator isn't paying the provider. What does this mean to you? Censorship. Restrictions on small internet webpages. Control of ideas by the moneyed elite. Think non-profits and libraries will be able to maintain the same kind of net presence? Think again.

On a personal note, losing Net Neutrality means we won't be able to get Duchess Mew to you the reader. We like you all a lot, but it's not a business and
we don't have much to put into the project. If providers started charging us to get our content out to you we'd probably be forced off the net/be difficult to find. I'm sure there are a lot of webcomics out there that are in the same position.

So do yourselves a favor and get educated and write/call your Congressional representatives. It's their job to protect your rights. One site to check out for more information and to sign a petition is Save the Internet. Please take the time to understand this issue. It's very important.


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