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Comic for Dec. 17th

Good Morning/Evening, what have you,

Today's comic took me forever to draw and color, despite the quality you see before you.


Our traditional holiday transformation filler for Christmas coming up next week.

Nothing else to say here.

Shade & Sweet Water,
The Masked Lioness


Deviant Art Update

Updated my art section at deviant art. The link is http://maskedlioness.deviantart.com/. HOpe you enjoy and leave some comments. :)

Sir Pounce

Ha-Ha! Sir Pounce, the writer behind the artist behind to comic now has his own blog. (sparten though it is right now). Check it out.



Life overtook me again this week, so enjoy the filler art. That's the uncolored version of our holiday card this year.

Finals are over. Website redesign pending.

Shade & Sweet Water.


Comic for Dec. 3

Good Morning all,

The end of my semester draws near, so you will have to suffer without backgrounds and with Pounce's coloring "skills" for a bit. Hopefully I will be revamping the webpage over my holiday break (1.5 months long! O_O) and getting ahead with the comics. I'd prefer to post a couple of smaller pages per week, but alas time contrains.

If anyone out there with crazy money to throw away is reading this, I could really use a laptop. :-)

Shade & Sweet Water,

The Masked Lioness