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Comic-y Goodness

Hope you all saw our comic on Saturday. I'm particularly amused by Azom's face in the first panel in which Ameila walks in.

In this brand-spanking new year, I refuse to make resolutions, but I am going to make an effort to improve my diet and lifestyle. I've got to eat all this godiva ande lintz chocolate I got for Christmas first. Don't want to disappoint anyone. ;-)

Christmas was great. I got lots of video games (which I hope will not interfer with the comic) and gaming books (which I will read once I've finished plowing through The Lord of the Rings. again). Generally, lots of good swag. Plus I got to see the inlaws, who just moved very close to us and who always feed us very well.

New Years saw a lovely dinner with some friends (they feed us very well too :-)). My suggestion to you all: Do Not go to First Night Boston. Sure, it might be more fun if you show up earlier, or have kiddies, but all we did was get exposed to a terrible improv group and watched an anime episode. There was one good comidian, but the lack of anything to do besides stand outside in the cold from 10-12 really puts a damper on it.

My hubby's kicking me off his laptop now, so I wish you all a Happy New Year and success in all your endevors.

Shade & Sweet Water,

The Masked Lioness


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