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Comic for Feb. 4th

Good Morning,

As you can see a new comic is up. Woohoo.

Classes have started again and I'm taking Intro to Archival Management. It looks to be a lot of fun...and a lot of work. Hopefully it will help me decide if I want to focus in archives (which is likely since I love old documents), or just in preservation or technology. Ultimately my decision will probably be colored by where the job opprotunities are.

Back to the comic, as you can see Azom has been getting a little bit of character development time. I'm hoping we can start fleshing these folks out now that you've met them and seen a bit how they interact with each other. Since my husband writes the scripts, each week is a new adventure and surprise for me as well. ;-)

Shade & Sweet Water,
The Masked Lioness


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