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Comic for March 11

Hello all,

I'm feeling pretty good about this week's comic and I hope you all like it too. I'm getting to the point where drawing on the computer screen is almost more natural than drawing by hand. The special second page will be up on Sunday so don't miss it! I started that one by hand, and got very frustrated when I couldn't find the "undo" button on my drawing pad. *blush*

While I don't really care to bring up politics here much, I did want to make sure everyone had heard that the Patriot Act has been renewed. Here's what the American Library Association had to say about it. I am extremely disappointed, angry, pissed, scared, etc. Its not that I object to the government trying to protect my life and freedom, its that I don't want to lose my right to privacy on the say so of Gwub. Frankly, he's lied to us before, and this Act ensures that we cannot hold him and his cronies accountable for future mis-use of power. Fortunately the gag rule on libraries and bookstores was loosened a little, but it's still a Year people. Libraries have a duty to protect your privacy rights and this Act prevents them from doing so. Thank you Republican Party for making my democracy a little more like a dictatorship.