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Comic for Nov. 12

Good Morn to thee,

As you can see (or maybe not since this hasn't been linked to the webpage at this time), we have unofficially moved our update day to Saturday. It fits our schedules better and hopefully will garentee steady updates. I've run out of scripts, so it's up to my writer to get me more so that the story can go on. Also we will be away from home for Thanksgiving, so I will try and have a special filler up for the holiday.

We got a new scanner! Woot!

As an interesting note, Elise's design is based heavily on the Elfquest elves, in particular the older ones that are more human-like in highest. She is suppose to speak in Shakespearian which I've had the enjoyment of hacking together from an online Shakespeare dictionary. I know it's not right, but it's weird enough. Shakespeare buffs are welcome to send me pointers on making it sound more "real".

Shade & Sweet Water,
The Masked Lioness


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